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pretty, pretty felted soap!

Happy Fourth of July, America! Since it’s on a Wednesday this year, we did all our celebrating this past Saturday. Fireworks, friends & food. Good times.
This leaves me with an extra day off from work, and time to catch up on my
To Do List. Yay!

Not too long ago, while incessantly browsing Etsy, I came across something new (for me, anyway) called ‘Felted Soap’. It looks like a soap wrapped in a little patterned washcloth!  The colors were so soft and pretty, and I liked the fact that the felted ‘cloth’ is made out of 100% wool roving (which is wool that hasn’t been spun into yarn yet).  This is especially nice because wool is naturally anti-microbial.

I had some salt soap that would be perfect for the project.  I used medium-coarse Pink Himalayan Salt all through out this particular bar, and while it’s a fabulous salt, It was too scratchy!
A little cloth covering would allow me to use my otherwise beautiful salt soap. I choose some pretty colors out of the batch, and wrapped it up all big n’ fluffy:

I wrapped the roving on one way, and then the other way around the soap. Then, I dipped it into very hot water and started to gently pat it down, and eventually rub it onto the soap.
I rubbed until the wool started to felt onto itself. By researching this technique, I learned more about the different breeds of sheep and their wool than I ever thought I wanted to know! As it turns out, I actually did want to know; apparently, wool fibers have tiny barbs. When you rub them, they grab onto each other and don’t let go.
This is what creates the cloth-like ‘felting‘.
The hot water helps to shrink the felt around the soap, and it continues to shrink along with the soap as you use it. I love using felted soap because it also helps to create huge puffs of lather, and the soaps last longer! When your soap is finally all gone, you’re left with a little scrubbie. You can make it into a pouch by cutting one end. You can put soap slivers into the pouch to use up soap you’d normally throw away, or you could fill it with cat-nip, stitch it up and have an awesome cat toy. You could cut a head and arm holes in it and make a sweater for your Hamster..I’m kidding.
If you’d rather toss it, no problem, it’s completely bio-degradable!

Finished felted soap vs. scratchy, scratchy salt soap!Salt Soaps turned out the be perfect for felting because they are mostly, if not all,
Coconut Oil and extremely hard. Do not drop this soap on your toe! They do not become mushy in the felt and seem to last forever and a day..
They make adorable gifts and I love using them!

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