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java love

Coffee is bad.
Just kidding, it’s good again.
Actually, coffee was always good, they were just confused for a little while.
I admit, I’m one of those morning zombies that needs my cup of java before you may want to address me. My family knows this, and my husband is kind enough to have it ready for me each day when I wake up. But studies show that we may be benefiting from more than just the energy-boosting caffeine in coffee, we might also be reaping its cancer and stroke preventing benefits, just to name a few.  Of course, as with all good things, moderation is key. All that caffeine can be addicting.

Coffee is versatile. Did you know that besides it’s health benefits, coffee also gets rid of odors? It’s true, professional “noses” often use it in between sampling different fragrance notes to help distinguish the latest scent from the previous one.
You can hide coffee beans discretely throughout your home to absorb odors. They’re very effective and will cost you less than other deodorizers.
Coffee will also take cooking odors off of your hands. The stuff that makes our food taste so good, like onions and garlic, don’t smell so nice
lingering on our hands, afterwards.

I’ve been needing (well, wanting) coffee soap for a while, and finally had time to make
a nice, utilitarian kitchen-coffee-scrubby-soap.
After using my soap, you can go to the movies without anyone knowing you just cooked the most fabulous fish dinner!
We won’t even get into the fact that caffeine is supposed to help
reduce the appearance of cellulite, so I wouldn’t be opposed to rubbing
this on my thighs, as well.
Yup, caffeine is the active ingredient used in most cellulite-reducing creams, (personally, I think all the massaging helps, too) check it!

My soap is made with double-brewed coffee instead of water.
I added some black-coffee fragrance oil and peppermint essential oil, too.
It’s also got coffee grounds, dried citrus peel and oatmeal to gently scrub odors away, while leaving your skin clean and silky soft.

I never did learn how to order those fancy soy-latte-decaf-tall-half-twist? drinks,
but that’s ok, because I never could get past a regular, good ‘ol cup a joe 🙂

i’m hot and bothered.

And it’s not by 50 Shades. It’s by the weather. It’s hot soup out there today, although I shouldn’t say that, because under the right circumstances, I really enjoy soup.
My face contorts involuntarily each time I must step outside. I’m sorry, but I think it’s disgusting. I’m holed up in my air conditioned house with my dog. She won’t stay outside for any length of time, either.
Now, I know there’s those of you among us that absolutely love, love summer-time. I don’t mean to offend, but I am not one of them. Neither is my son. Just the other day, he was talking about where he’d like to reside when he’s older, so that he can be cool and comfortable all the time.
Go North, Young Man.

Shame on me, but I haven’t been to the beach once yet.
It’s an awful lot of work, packing up all your beach-crap, hauling it all from here to there, and then paying $12 for parking, why? To sit in the skin-sizzling sun all day. I happen to think there is nothing wrong with my pale skin, thank you very much.
Then, there’s the sandy, (and incredibly sticky?) ride home to look forward to.
I’m done pretending. I’ve done it long enough, I’m coming out. I’m not a summer-lover, my apologies. Yes, I have guilt, but I can’t keep up this charade any longer.

As I sit and write this, the sky is darkening. Soon the temperamental summer sky will open up and we’ll have another thunderstorm. For this I am thankful. Thankful that Mother Nature has offered this small token to our thirsty plants and lawn, but also because it takes the edge off of the guilt I feel for sitting so comfortably indoors.

Autumn. Now, that’s a horse of a different color.
Bring on October, please!
Crock-pot dinners and roasted corn. Soft sweaters and wooly scarves, not to mention the heady smell of nearby wood burning stoves.
A Lavender scented bath to warm and relax you before bed.
These are good things, and I’ll take it over summer any day of the week.
I’ll be honest; yes, I realize it’s only July, but I’ve got all things pumpkin on my mind..

Hey, Ma! Look what I made!
Have you ever tried pumpkin soap?
Well, if you haven’t, you should. It’s delightful. They are usually made with pure pumpkin puree, and some type of delicious pumpkin-fall scent. Pumpkin soap is one of my most favorite types of soap to make and use. I make mine with a healthy percentage of Olive Oil, the pumpkin puree, and a fragrance oil called
Frosted Pumpkin by Nature’s Garden for this particular loaf.
It. Smells. So. Heavenly.
NG describes it as “fresh top notes of citrusy lemon, leading to middle notes of creamy pumpkin and hints of nutmeg and ginger; sitting on base notes of maple sugar and vanilla frosting.”

Sounds good, but I describe it as October.
Don’t mind me, I hope you enjoy your summer.

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