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slide show: sea salt soap

Sea Salt Soap is a favorite! Made with mostly Coconut Oil, because it will still produce an abundant lather in the presence of salt- A LOT of salt!  I have two recipes for this soap, one includes Avocado and Castor, and one is 100% Coconut Oil.  Both of these recipe’s were borrowed from other people. The 100% Coconut Oil one, is from my friend, Irish Lass, over at the Soap Making Forum.  She share’s her recipe’s so generously, and she is a wealth of great information! So many knowledgeable soapers over there, I can’t even begin to tell you. I wish I could remember where the other one came from, but forgive me, I cannot. I can’t decide which I like better, so I make both.  I add Coconut Milk, for it’s fat, as an extra emollient.  They make my skin feel super soft after using.  Using salt soap is very refreshing, and as therapeutic as taking a dip in the ocean.  A favorite among my family and friends.

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