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baby steps

The longer I am alive, the more it seems that life is
an endless roller coaster of good times and bad.

When it’s good, it’s so thrilling, we feel as though we may spontaneously combust.
Or, it can be an unexpected, horrific crash; effortlessly breaking, and crippling us.

Most of us plod through, doing the best we know how.
A common thread of being a human, together here on Earth for a very short time.

Another year of time, gone, never to be seen again.
This year has been a tough one, simmering steadily with loss.

As a result, the words, I love you, are perpetually locked & loaded on my lips,
ready to catapult forward with the slightest tug of a heart string.

I do believe that we co-create our lives, whether or not we ‘believe’ in that sort of thing. We are either conscious or unconscious of it. Being conscious is better.
So direct your thoughts to the positive, because the body is a follower,
and listens to everything the brain has to say.

Carefully choose your words, as they have an energy of their own,
and that energy will draw in more of the same.

Seize joy when it presents itself. Laugh hard.
Take baby steps toward what you want, while feeling any emotion that goes with it,
and the Universe has to respond. It’s the Law of Attraction, and it never fails.

When I first started making soap,
I also started this blog, with the best of intentions.
With so many other responsibilities, and life’s happenings, it’s been spotty at best.

This year, my little snippets of free time have been insidiously sucked into a
vortex of Facebook soaping groups, craft fairs and local markets.

I try to choose carefully where I will be spending my time, and shlepping my heavy product to next. I enjoy the meet and greet part. Speaking with passion about the things I love, has always come easy for me. People seem to like it.

At a recent holiday fair, I met a vendor who has plans to open a turn-of-the century type general store this coming spring. He wants to carry my soap and candles!
The funny thing is, at first appearance, I judged the fair a waste of a Saturday.

ย Perhaps, he was the only reason I was at that fair?

I’m imagining good things, and I’ve saved up enough money from sales,
to buy myself a new, double-loaf soap mold.

soap moldIt’s an excellent mold; the Cadillac of soap molds ๐Ÿ™‚

If it doesn’t happen, well, that’s ok, too. Life goes on.

I think that sometimes, when you’re right on top of things,
or in the midst of them, it doesn’t seem like much is happening.

But baby steps do add up. Baby steps matter.
They lay down the roots that we can’t see, and slowly feed growth.

So whatever you’re doing, don’t be discouraged if you don’t have instantaneous success. If you are fortunate enough to do what brings you joy,
you are already successful.

We are in charge of creating our own happiness,
so move in the direction of what moves you, for however long you are given.

Looking Forward To, And Wishing You, A Very Happy New Year!

About Valerie DeVito

I'm a wife, mom of two, Licensed Massage Therapist & enthusiastic soap maker!

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  1. love love love this one. i hope you get all you want in the new year…including the mother of all soap molds! xo

  2. Great Post Val! I truly believe we are meant to be at certain places for a reason.

  3. Hi Val, you said it all. Life is a roller coaster of good and bad things. You said it all with those words. E njoyed your blog. Love you your mom

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Hi;
    I’m not sure how I land on this page but I want to let you know that I found reading this very inspirational and uplifting. Your way of writing is beautiful; I have a similar view on life ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you so much; you’ve made my day!


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