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Daily Archives: March 26, 2013

Long Island Love

I love where I live, I really do.
Long Island enjoys all of the seasons, but Summer has got to be a favorite of most.
(Personally, I prefer the Fall. October can be spectacular here!)
This especially long winter has left lots of folks here craving milder, warmer weather.
And the Sun & Sea!

I enjoy making soaps that reflect The Love of The Island.
I became acutely aware of this recently, as I was chatting with a woman
who owns a gorgeous, Long Island themed boutique.
She stocks her little shop with one of a kind artisan pieces of jewelry, fiber arts,
and paintings. She also stocks gourmet cheeses, chutney’s and spreads.
It’s really quite lovely.

I met her through a friend and I was trying to convince her
that my soaps would fit perfectly in her shop 🙂

I make a Sea Salt Soap, I heard myself tell her, which is made up of 30% Sea Salt.
Sea Salt soaps possess the same healing properties of the sea, and using them
is equivalent to swimming in our nearby and mineral-rich oceans!

Just as a side-note, last summer, my son took a dip in the ocean, and the eczema break-out on his feet cleared up about 90% by the next morning.
Now, I’m not making any claims here, just an observation..

Besides the salt soaps, I just love loofah-embedded soaps for the summer time.
Did you know, that loofah is a dried-out gourd that actually comes from the
same plant-family as cucumbers? I think most people associate loofah with the sea.
I did, until I learned otherwise!

These soaps are scented with Juniper Breeze fragrance oil,
and also contain skin clarifying Sea Clay.
I think the loofah peeking out looks perfectly imperfect, and beautiful.

My enthusiasm must have rang true, because luckily for me,
the boutique owner was an agreeable type, who will be stocking my soaps soon.

So here’s to salty air, fruity drinks and summer breezes.
Hang in there, because it’s all just around the corner!

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