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the really big show..

I think my family was just about at the end of their rope with me.
All summer, I had been making soaps and such,
in preparation for a huge local seafood festival & craft fair.
The Mother Load of Craft Fairs.

My house was taken over with soap-making supplies,
half-finished and finished product.
Packed and unpacked, some labeling finished, and some on-deck.

Two eight foot tables covered in signage and stock.
And then..deep breath..after four months of preparation,
everything was finally packed and ready to load.

I’m really loving our display.
My crafty, palm-sander-wielding-friend (and with three young
children under foot, mind you) created these
vintage-looking, distressed crates.
Kudos to Lorraine’s Ninja Crafting Skills.
They’re functional and tough, yet appealing to the eye.
We use them to pack the products in for transport,
and then to create interest with different height levels on our tables.

After much nail-biting and anxiety, the fair turned out to be a great success.
Product flew off the tables that took me all summer to make.

I think the feedback we received from customers may have been just
(if not more) as satisfying as making the actual sales.

I mean, we’re not selling Arbonne here,
not that there’s anything wrong with Arbonne..
but it’s the best feeling to see people enjoying something you’ve made by hand!

We sold so much, I started to panic that we’d have nothing left to stock my shop with.
Being cold-process soap takes so long to cure,
I was a little worried with the holidays right around the corner.
But I got this; I’ll just make more.

After some long-term resistance,
I’ve decided to take the plunge and open an ..Etsy shop!

At this moment, Etsy has 51,318 bath & body products listed.
I’d call that some healthy competition! I’m very realistic in my expectations,
but after this weekend, I’ve realized that I do need a place
to point people who are interested in a more simple way of purchasing.
Telling someone I’m free on Thursday in between 1-2pm ain’t cutting it anymore..

Ah, the lovely left-overs all settled in and comfy at the shop.
I have no doubt they’ll find good homes soon.

Listing on Etsy is a slow-go, I’m not so speedy at trying to
figure out yet another new thing. I’ve barely got blogging under my belt.
But new things are good, right? Neuron synapses and what-not.

I’ve always subscribed to the slow and steady wins the race school of thought,
which is a good thing, because the horse before the cart always
turns out to be..awkward.

About Valerie DeVito

I'm a wife, mom of two, Licensed Massage Therapist & enthusiastic soap maker!

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  1. I’ve always lived by slow and steady too ….The fair was anything but slow girl. It was a steady flow of people freaking out over your fabulous and delightful products! Stuff was flying outta there and for good reason, The product looks great, the beautiful hand-made soaps, the delicious home-made lip-balms – the displays look great and you looked great!
    Representing MH Brand! Job well done…lets do it again next year. xo


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