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candles; my maiden voyage!

Now I’ve really gone and done it-  I looked.
I stuck my nose where it didn’t belong, and had a good, long lookey-see.

Since I began making soap, I’ve purposefully avoided
anything to do with candle-making. Not that I have anything against candles,
on the contrary, I buy ’em by the dozen.

I have to admit, it wasn’t easy holding out when more than a few people said to me,
“You should make candles. Candles and soap go together!”

I knew eventually, I would have to go to there.
However, I was really enjoying learning how to make soap, and
there’s only so many hours in the day; soap’s ensconced me.

Then, I needed candles, I bought a bunch. After that, I received a
beautiful, hand-made candle and scented wax-tarts
as part of a soap-swap.
The little scratch at the door got louder.

OK, I was ready to look.  And I had birthday money!

A  friend recommended one of these Candle
Starter Kits from Peak Candle Supply, to simplify things.

It was a great idea, there’s a lot of stuff to know about candles.
Which wax? What wicks go with which wax? What? Why?

I put in my order for the Soy Container Starter Kit,
and started searching in forgotten cabinets for containers.
I was surprised at how many potential containers I already had!
My thrift-store, but perfect tea-cups, looked to be an attractive choice.

I had seen container candles done in tea-cups, and
find it really beautiful. Plus, I had plenty of dusty tea-cups
on hand that I could scrub-up and recycle!

Container candles are really fun and easy,
the perfect first-candle for anybody!
I may try those pretty little tins, come next round..

Candle Making can be pleasingly simple or simply complex,
depending on what you are creating.
It’s always beautiful.

Can’t wait to light my new candle 🙂

About Valerie DeVito

I'm a wife, mom of two, Licensed Massage Therapist & enthusiastic soap maker!

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  1. oooh oooh i seriously can’t wait to see. Wow I don’t see you for a few days and bam!! You’re a candlemaker. What else can you do girl???

  2. Hey!I really like your style, I just wanted to let you know my blog shop right now is changed to like my styles 🙂 Enjoy!xoxo Heidie


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