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Oh, me, oh my, I really want to make a soap pie!
It looks like a beautiful pie, but it’s soap, how cool its that?

A true, round soap-pie, that my family will want to eat, and then be sadly disappointed when they come to realize that it’s not ‘real’.
Then I will know, my job here is done. Muwahaha..

Of course, you have to get your confidence up to make a soap pie,
so I’ve been practicing:
Pumpkin Pie Bars:
Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Water, Pumpkin Puree, Sodium Hydroxide,
Avocado Oil, Sunflower Oil, Castor Oil, Sodium Lactate, Titanium Dioxide,
Fragrance Oil, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Clove & Oo La La Soap Glitter

And I have other questions. There’s the detail of cutting the thing. And packaging.
Will people want to use pie-slice shaped soap to wash with in the shower?
Does the pie slice ever even make it there?
Or just sit prettily on display for years to come?
I’ve considered these things, and still, I really need to try one.

I hear it time and time again, “I can’t use your soap, it’s too pretty!”,
to which I sincerely reply, “It’s ok, I’ll make you more!”

The thing is, hand-crafted soap can, indeed, be quite beautiful.
So beautiful in fact, that those of us who like to make it
refer to the photos as Soap Porn..and it can be addicting.

But I’m going to let you in on a little secret; beauty is not it’s best feature.

In my opinion,
(and I’d wager my precious supply funds
that my fellow soap-making friends would agree with me)
the best part of hand-crafted soap is the quality of the ingredients,
the luxurious feel of the soap as you use it, and the way your skin feels afterwards.

Try it once, and you will immediately feel the difference between it and commercial.
Hand-made soap is insanely popular on Etsy.
People are so impressively creative, you can find something to satisfy any taste.

So go ahead and do it, unwrap the pretty package.
Use The Soap!
I promise, it’s going to be more than ok 😉

About Valerie DeVito

I'm a wife, mom of two, Licensed Massage Therapist & enthusiastic soap maker!

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  1. Yes everyone!! use them and you will be hooked forever! I love all my soaps and can’t wait to try my new ones. It’s always a great day when it starts with hand-made soap.

  2. Love the soap pie! That’s a wonderful job of piping soap you did Val! Bet it smells heavenly too!

    • Thank you, Kerrie, it does smell heavenly. The bottom is scented with Frosted Pumpkin and I also added some nutmeg, cinnamon & clove. The ‘whipped cream’ is lightly scented with lemon- they actually smell divine together!

  3. I love the idea of pumpkin pie scented soap! Pumpkin pie isn’t really a thing here in Australia. In fact, I dream of someone opening a sweet pie shop or diner like in the movies. =)

    I think a wedge of pie might be too pretty to use… but maybe you could do a mini slice of pie as a sort of hand soap. Because whenever i buy handmade soap I get a knife and slice it into guest soap sized pieces.

    • Hi Kell, I did not know that about Australia! I just assumed pie was big all over. Personally, I like pie more than cake.

      Excellent idea regarding cutting your soaps. Usually, hand-made soap is pretty generously sized, so it can take forever to get through one bar. I always suggest cutting them in half before use, that way if you have more than one, you can move on to the next one sooner..but then, I’m the impatient type.
      BTW, I’ve seen mini-pies and they are adorable. I may have to invest in a smaller pie pan..

      Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you get that pie shop/diner by you someday!

      • Yes, I was really surprised to learn it was a custard type filling. I always assumed it was just sweetened mushy pumpkin filling.

        I just had a thought…rather than a wedge of pie, why not use a tart tin and make a cupcake sized pie? You could also get a mini bundt tin and make donuts.

      • Yep-it’s yummy, one of my favorites. I’ve seen people make mini-pies, it’s a great idea. Mini-Bundt cakes, too, they’re adorable. Cupcakes are on my to-do list, very soon. I’m normally not a huge bakery scent fan for soap, but I make the exception for pumpkin. I like the spice of it. Metal molds are a no go with cold-process soap, but the baking silicon molds work very well!

  4. Hi! I have a question. I’ve been reading alot about soap making and several books have warned against using fresh fruits or herbs because of the moisture content and possibility of rancidity. What’s the story with pumpkin puree? Thanks!

    • Hi Betsy!
      Thanks for checking out my blog!

      I am no expert, but I do know that If you want to use fruits and vegetables in your soaps, you will have to blend them into a watery puree and add them in place of the water.
      This is different than say, putting fresh orange slices or Rosemary sprigs in your soaps.

      I have made soap using carrot puree and pumpkin puree and have talked to others who like to use cucumber and avocado.
      As long as the food/botanical is either pureed or dried (as in Calendula or Lavender flowers) I have had no problem with spoilage. It probably has to do with the high temperatures during in the soaping process and the alkaline nature of soap.

      I can tell you that I have one piece of pumpkin puree soap left over from last season, and it still looks/smells perfect!

      So, from what I’ve experienced, spoilage should not be a problem in a well formulated soap recipe, as long as you do not use chunks of fruit/veggies. HTH! 🙂

      • Thanks! That soap is gorgeous! You’re very talented. I’ve mastered MP and I just made CP coffee soap (now curing). I’m a pharmacist by profession and have worked with all kinds of chemicals, so you’d think I wouldn’t be so scared of lye, but I was terrified. A little easier after the first time! Tried again today with some fancy-swirly stuff. I’ll know better tomorrow when I try to slice it. Mine may not be so pretty, but I’m having fun trying. Love you blog.

      • Thank you! I appreciate that, although, I’m sure you’re finding out for yourself, how addicting soap-making is 🙂
        Coffee soap is awesome, and congratulations on your first batch! I was scared to death working with lye for the first time, too.
        I was goggled, gloved and covered from head to toe. It does get much less scary as you get a few batches under your belt.
        Now, I just use all the precautions, and I’m very careful, but I’m not afraid anymore. Whish I could see your swirly stuffs!
        You never know with CP, it may be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever laid your eyes on- you just never know till you cut it,
        good luck!

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