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Daily Archives: July 10, 2012


Not long ago, I was fretting over packaging choices, (I have way too many ideas in my head at all times) so I asked my husband what he liked better. He told me I should relax. My product is really nice, he said. That’s what matters after all, isn’t it?
They could care less if it comes wrapped in a napkin, he said.

As much as I appreciate his unswerving love and support, the simple answer is, no. Packaging does matter. A lot.
Granted the product has to be good in order to keep the customer coming back for more, but the presentation is what attracts her to purchase in the first place.

I am so glad that I really enjoy creating packaging for my stuff, because before I started selling, I had no idea what a huge part of the process it really is. Hell, if I didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t be writing about it. Truth be told- I enjoy it almost as much as I enjoy making the soap!

I’ve discovered the Paper Art section at my local Michaels, and I really try to focus on the job at hand while I’m there. Paper Art looks divine..stay on task, stay on task..
We won’t even mention wandering over to the jewelry-making section. I need those horse-blinder things, or perhaps I should look into getting myself a shock-collar to help redirect me out of certain isles.

Anywhoo, I did manage to get myself one of those nifty straight-paper cutter things, and some fancy paper punch tools.
So much better than scissors! :
I’ve got a scalloped circle and a little heart punch tool, now- WOOHOO!
I think these little Love Birds would be adorable bridal or baby shower favors. They’re on a little soap dish-nest. Well, a little soap dish. I tried to make it look like a nest
with some kraft-paper shreds. ❤

Ok, so I like kraft paper 🙂
Because my soap is true soap, as opposed to a syndet bar, (‘synthetic detergent’- for example, Dove) the FDA does not require me to label ingredients. However, I think it’s smart to list all ingredients, irregardless. First of all, it’s all high quality stuff,
and I want you to look at it!
Secondly, if someone has an allergy to, for instance, Coconut Oil;
they need to be informed that it is in my product.

I use a very simple software program that comes with the labels I purchase. I like it because I can use it with regular card-stock, as well as purchased sticky labels.
I usually have an idea for the type of label I want to make, so I get them started and then save ’em.  For soap, I wait six weeks while they cure before I print them out. This is so I can get a true weight after excess water evaporates out of the bar.
This is just one of the purposes of curing for so long.
Less water means a long lasting and hard bar of soap.

Oh, and I’ve found a beautiful Mermaid image by artist
John Waterhouse that is now deemed
‘public domain’- this means it’s ok to use on my label.
Mermaid Soap labels next..

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